Mission Statement

Regarding the final disposal of long-lived radioactive waste, international experts have reached a consensus that "geological disposal" is the most practical from the viewpoint of protecting humans and the environment, and not transferring management burden to future generations.

This is based on a judgment that the geological disposal has a "passive safety" function which makes it possible to maintain the safety of humans and the environment without human management over a long time period.

The Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) is the sole implementer of the geological disposal programme of radioactive waste generated as a result of the nuclear power generation in Japan.

We established this mission statement as a fundamental concept through discussion among entire staff with consciousness that each is a member of NUMO to fulfill our mission.


Our Mission is the Realization of the Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste

In carrying out our mission, we give top priority to ensure safety above all. It is indispensable for us to act carefully at every measure following principles to ensure safety.

Because we will use large area to construct the facility, it is essential that we live around the area as a member of the local community and contribute to its sustainable development.

To promote our business, we need to be regarded as a socially trustworthy organization.

Based on the above recognised points, we set the following basic policies.

Basic Policies

Top priority will be given to safety during all activities.

We aim to co-exist with the local community.

We aim to become the socially trustworthy organization.

Based on the above basic policies, we will strive to achieve our mission through the following six action guidelines.

Action Guidelines

  1. Work continuously to improve technology to ensure safety
  2. Actively participate in domestic and international activities to enhance our technology for geological disposal
  3. Take into account and incorporate public opinions throughout NUMO's activities
  4. Think and act as a member of the local community in order to contribute to its sustainable development
  5. Be proactive in providing information on our activities in a comprehensible manner
  6. Ensure compliance with relevant legislation and rules, and act with integrity and professionalism, whilst seeking to be cost effective