Message from the President

November 2020 Message from Dr. Kondo Shunsuke, President of NUMO

Kondo ShunsukeNuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan (NUMO) is responsible for implementing geological disposal of high-level radioactive wastes and long-lived low-level radioactive wastes containing TRU nuclides created during production of nuclear power, living in harmony with local communities, on the premise of ensuring safety of people and the environment.

The geological disposal project will be promoted with funds received from the public using electricity generated by nuclear power. This project will be implemented at a region with suitable geological environments and social characteristics, willingness to accept a final disposal facility, after several steps of the site investigation and receiving the permission of Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA).
This is a large-scale and long-term effort requiring about 100 years for investigation, construction, operation, and closure of the site.
NUMO has been implementing investigation of two municipalities in Hokkaido that accepted the Literature Survey.
Further, we continue to dedicate ourselves to communication activities throughout Japan to promote understanding of the geological disposal project in order to have more municipalities accept the Literature Survey.

Geological disposal project must be achieved by present generation that has been using nuclear power in order to combat global warming and assure energy security.
NUMO has been making efforts for further improvements of various technology developments and the opportunity for the dialogue to move forward step by step.

We are grateful for your understanding and cooperation.

November 2020

Kondo Shunsuke
Dr. Kondo Shunsuke
President of NUMO