NUMO Mid-Term Project Goals

The geological disposal of radioactive waste is a nationwide issue to be resolved, and NUMO considers its realization as our mission.

In carrying out the mission, in accordance with the Designated Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Act, we will select a site for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) through a three-stage site selection process -Literature Survey, Preliminary Investigation and Detailed Investigation- and then construct, operate and close the GDF, giving safety top priority. Based on the Basic Policy on the Final Disposal of Designated Radioactive Waste approved by the Cabinet meeting in May 2015, we continue to carry out various activities to increase the mutual understanding of the significance and safety of geological disposal with local residents in investigation areas and make efforts to build trust through active interaction with local residents for establishing co-operative relationships. In parallel, we carry out technology research and development (R&D) aiming to improve the economics, efficiency and safety of geological disposal.

The realization of the whole geological disposal project will require a time period of one hundred years and it will be achieved by steady efforts in a stepwise manner. Therefore, NUMO sets the period until the implementation of the Literature Survey as the ‘Mid-term project period’ and establishes goals for communication activities, technology R&D and organizational management to be achieved as the ‘Mid-Term Project Goals’ as follows.

Mid-Term Project Goals

Communication activities to realize acceptance of the Literature Survey by the municipalities and facilitate its smooth implementation

NUMO aims to gain acceptance of the Literature Survey based on dialogue with local residents in the municipalities through various activities such as facilitation of information dissemination, exchange of opinions and voluntary learning activities by regional organizations, expanding such activities throughout all the municipalities, while enhancing collaboration with the Government and electric utilities.
In cooperation with the Government and the electric utilities, we communicate with the public on the geological disposal project for the benefit of the whole of society and the importance of showing respect and gratitude to the area that accepts the Literature Survey, which will help society solve the problem.
At the Literature Survey stage, with the agreement of local municipalities, we will establish a venue for discussion and carry out visible communication activities through dialogue with local residents. We envision that this will enhance the mutual understanding and trust between the residents and NUMO.

Technology R&D to enhance the technical reliability of the long-term project

NUMO aims to build public confidence in its technical capability to implement geological disposal safely by providing information on all aspects of geological disposal in an understandable form.
To implement the long-term geological disposal project properly, we will steadily promote and continuously review the entire R&D program for each stage of the project from the Literature Survey stage to construction, operation and closure of the GDF.
In close collaboration with relevant organizations in Japan and overseas, we oversee the entire R&D program on geological disposal in Japan and take the initiative in its preparation and refinement with strong leadership and planning ability.

Organizational management aiming at advancement of the project platform, including human resource development

To prepare for steady implementation of the long-term geological disposal project, NUMO will establish the capacity and competence of the human resources required and then undertake systematic employment and training of staff, in cooperation with the electric utilities and relevant organizations.
We aim to enhance corporate governance and competence through appropriate administration, including improvement of organizational structure and risk management activities.
Recognizing that our funding is based on electricity charges, we ensure that the implementation of the GDF is carried out as efficiently as possible and re-evaluate project costs in response to any changes in project implementation.

In addition, we will establish the following individual plans in order to achieve the above goals;

Communication Activities Plan
Mid-Term Research and Development Plan (tentative)
Mid-Term Human Resource Development Plan (tentative)
Annual Project Plan
Due date: Before the announcement of the scientifically preferable areas by the Government
Reviewed as required