Geological Disposal Opinion Exchange Meeting

In order to enhance public understanding, NUMO and METI co-hosted a series of meetings on geological disposal in 9 cities around Japan subsequent to geological disposal seminars focused on dialogues in small groups.

Geological Disposal Opinion Exchange Meeting

Date: October and November 2016
Venue: Tokyo, Sendai, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka, Takamatsu, Sapporo and Toyama

Total participants: 834 people

Main opinions and questions from the participants were as follows.

  • Total evaluation of the meetings

NUMO staff's performance:

Over 50% felt the staff were “honest” and “friendly”.

Over 50% said the staff's explanations were “understandable” and “convincing”.

-It is considered that direct communication in small group discussion affected the result.

  • Individual themes

Potentially More Suitable Areas:

“Detailed information about categorization is needed”

“Will observe the response from selected municipalities”

Safety of geological disposal (GD):

“Still have concerns about technical capability”

“Ensure countermeasures for unexpected events”

Siting process:

“Not sure if there are suitable sites for GD in Japan considering the frequency of earthquakes and the number of volcanoes”