NUMO Open Forum Discussion: Scientific and Technical Basis for Implementation of Geological Disposal

June 1, 2004, Keidanren Hall, Tokyo, Japan13:00-17:30

13:15 - 1. Opening address (K.Tomon, President of NUMO)
13:25 - 2. Technical presentations
  • 2.1 General background (K.Kitayama, NUMO)
  • 2.2 Scientific background and practical application of NUMO's repository siting factors (H.Tsuchi, NUMO)
  • 2.3 Development of repository concepts for volunteer siting environments (H.Umeki, NUMO)
15:15 - --- Break ---
15:30 - 3. Invited Talk: Building technical and public confidence in geological disposal (Dr. Charles McCombie, Executive Director of Arius)
16:00 - 4. Panel discussion: Confidence building in geological disposal
(Moderator) Mr. Hiromi Nakamura (Journalist)
(Panelist) Prof. Yuzo Onishi (Kyoto Univ.)
Dr. Shizuo Yoshida (Advisor of CRIEPI)
Dr. Charles McCombie (Executive Director of Arius)
Prof. Neil Chapman (The University of Sheffield)
Dr. Ian McKinley (Nagra)
Mr. Sumio Masuda (NUMO)