Announcement of the Start of Open Solicitation for Volunteers for Preliminary Investigation Areas for a HLW Repository

The siting process for a HLW repository in Japan consists of three steps as outlined in the “Specified Radioactive Waste Final Disposal Act” of 2000 : selection of preliminary investigation areas (PIAs), selection of detailed investigation areas and selection of a site for repository construction.

On 19 December 2002, NUMO officially announced the “Start of Open Solicitation for Volunteers for Preliminary Investigation Areas (PIAs) for a HLW Repository”*. This approach is based on the need for the support of local communities in conducting a geological disposal program for HLW. Information packages for application consist of the following items.

* All municipalities in Japan are eligible to apply.

  • Introductory: Open Solicitation For Safe Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste
  • Relevant information for “Inviting Volunteers for PIAs” :
    • Instructions for Application
    • Repository Concepts
    • Siting Factors for PIA Selection
    • Approach for Outreach Scheme

** English version of information packages is provisional one only for reference, although their Japanese version is formal document.

*** The packages are the 2002 edition and the revised ones have been published only in Japanese.

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Instructions for Application

> DjVu (78KB)DjVu file

> PDF (122KB)PDF

Repository Concepts

> DjVu (1.7MB)DjVu file

> PDF (1.6MB)PDF

Siting Factors for the Selection of Preliminary Investigation Areas

> DjVu (686KB)DjVu file

> PDF (2.9MB)PDF

Outreach Scheme - Aiming to Link Areas and Projects -

> DjVu (241KB)DjVu file

> PDF (278KB)PDF

Open Solicitation for Candidate Sites for Safe Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste

> DjVu (253KB)DjVu file

> PDF (540KB)PDF