Summary of the International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC)

A summary report on the activities of the International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) has been prepared

> Summary of ITAC

NUMO established an International Technical Advisory Committee (ITAC) in June 2001, with the intention of transferring know-how from other national disposal programs to the Japanese program and also ensuring that NUMO's technical work is of an appropriate international standard. In reviewing drafts of the “Repository Concepts” and “Siting Factors” documents forming part of an information package, ITAC provided input that contributed to their technical and scientific accuracy, openness, transparency and traceability. The information package was published in December 2002 at the start of open solicitation for volunteer areas for exploring the feasibility of constructing a repository for high-level radioactive waste in Japan.

A summary of ITAC activities up to the start of open solicitation (ITAC-1 to -3) is published here.
Hereafter, a summary report on ITAC will appear on this website after each meeting.
A summary report of the 4th ITAC meeting (21st - 23rd January 2003) is also published here.

> Summary of ITAC-4 (206KB)PDF

From fiscal year 2003, the membership of ITAC has been extended. The ITAC members are now as follows.

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