Publication of NUMO technical document

As the first milestone of HLW disposal in Japan, NUMO announced the start of open solicitation for volunteer municipalities for preliminary investigation areas to the public, with four documents published together as an information package on December 19, 2002. Following the information package, “Development of Repository Concepts for Volunteer Siting Environments” (NTR-04-03) and “Evaluating Site Suitability for a HLW Repository - Scientific Background and Practical Application of NUMO's Siting Factors -” (NTR-04-04) have been published in Japanese as NUMO technical report series.

The concepts of the technical documents are as follows;
- To provide the scientific and technical basis to support the messages of information package
- To provide convincing arguments to experts
- To describe all the details related to siting factors
- To clarify the future direction for developing repository concepts tailored to the potential disposal sites

The English version of the technical documents is in preparation. It will be published on NUMO website in the near future. The technical documents have included technical achievements by NUMO so far presented at international conferences, workshops and journals (> click here).

An open forum discussion further to publicise the technical documents will be held on June 1st, 2004 at Tokyo, Japan. The forum is aiming at better understanding of the technical document for a wider technical perspective for the future development. The agenda of the forum is shown in below.

NUMO Open Forum Discussion:
Scientific and Technical Basis for Implementation of Geological Disposal
June 1, 2004, Keidanren Hall, Tokyo, Japan 13:00-17:30

1. Opening address 13:15 -
2. Technical presentations 13:25 -
    2.1 General background
    2.2 Scientific background and practical application of NUMO's repository siting factors
    2.3 Development of repository concepts for volunteer siting environments
--- Break 15:15 - ---
3. Invited Talk: Building technical and public confidence in geological disposal 15:30 -
(Dr. Charles McCombie)
4. Panel discussion: Confidence building in geological disposal 16:00 -
(Mr. Hiromi Nakamura (moderator))