Publication on English version of NUMO Technical Reports

“Release of Superplasticizers and Other Organic Additives from Altered Cement (NUMO-TR-08-01)” have been published as NUMO technical report series.

Since 2005, Nagra, SKB, Posiva and NUMO have been conducting a joint project to develop a fundamental methodology for evaluating the chemical properties of organic compounds contained in cementitious materials. This report introduces the results of NUMO’s task in this joint project.

Study on strategy and methodology for repository concept development for the Japanese geological disposal project (NUMO-TR-09-04)” have been published as NUMO technical report series.

This report summarizes three of the specific areas studied and advances made through the collaboration between NUMO and Nagra in the period FY 2003 to FY 2007, namely:

  • Development of NUMO's PA/RD roadmap
  • Scenario development
  • Development of a requirements management system.