Scientifically Suitable Areas for the Geological Disposal of Specified Radioactive Waste to be Announced by the End of 2016

On December 18, 2015, the Inter-Ministerial Council approved that efforts should be made to announce scientifically suitable areas for the geological disposal of specified radioactive waste by the end of 2016.

Shunsuke Kondo, President of NUMO said, “NUMO is greatly encouraged by the announcement of the Council that the Government of Japan is determined to promote dialogue activities in a nationwide scale for the enhancement of public understanding on the importance and safety of the geological disposal of specified radioactive waste.”

“We believe that the realization of the geological disposal is a benefit for the whole society. Recognizing that the present generation is responsible for resolving this issue, NUMO will steadily move forward with such activities in close collaboration with the Government and the electric power companies, with a view to deepening the understanding of the impact of siting a deep geological repository (DGR) and facilitating the dialogue with the public aiming at the realization of the final disposal of radioactive waste, so as not to transfer undue burdens to future generations.”