On the publication of the “Nationwide Map of Scientific Features for Geological Disposal”

Today, the Government published the “Nationwide Map of Scientific Features for Geological Disposal,” which categorizes all areas in Japan into four categories, i. e., (1) area with unfavorable geological features that may damage long-term stability of geological environment, (2) area endowed with natural resources, (3) area with good chance to be confirmed as having favorable characteristics and (4) area within the former area where it is favorable from the viewpoint of waste transportation also.

To realize the geological disposal project, it is essential to raise public awareness of the significance of the project, the system of geological disposal and geological environment in Japan, in the first place. We greatly appreciate the publication as the implementer of the project, considering that it provides an opportunity for the public to proceed with the discussion.

This publication does not decide a disposal site. We regard it as the first step on the long road toward the decision of the site. And from now on, we will dedicate ourselves to communication activities in a stepwise manner throughout the country, in cooperation with the Government and the electric utilities.

Specifically, while we move forward with nationwide PR activities about the significance of the project which we have been engaged in, we will carry out face-to-face dialogue with the public in “areas preferable also from the viewpoint of waste transport safety,” to pursue the understanding of the public that the realization of geological disposal is benefit for the whole society, and to have them consider an effort to cooperate for the realization of the project as an effective way for sustainable development of the community.

In parallel, we strive further to ensure technologies and human resources necessary for the project so as to be trusted by the public as the implementer of the project, taking leadership in promoting R&D and facilitating international cooperation with relevant overseas organizations.

We share with the public about the importance of promoting the geological disposal of HLW as the responsibility of the generation that utilizes nuclear power and not transferring the burden to the next generation, and make utmost efforts to fulfill the mission to realize the disposal.

July 28, 2017
Dr. Kondo Shunsuke
President of NUMO