NUMO project to support research on social aspects of geological disposal

NUMO started the project to support research on social aspects of geological disposal.

After the publication of the Nationwide Map of "Scientific Features" relevant for Geological Disposal* by the government in July 2017, to enhance public understanding about geological disposal, we have been carrying out nation-wide public meetings. In those meetings, we received many questions about social aspects, as well as technical and geo-scientific aspects, of the geological disposal project.

This social aspect project provides funding to researchers to conduct research on a wide range of topics. We will widely disseminate the outcome of this project to society in response to public interest.

This year we have reviewed 10 research applications of which we selected and will support 7.

*The Nationwide Map of "Scientific Features" relevant for Geological Disposal: A nationwide map showing geological characteristics of areas relevant to geological disposal based on existing data in line with requirements and criteria

List of research:

Affiliation Title
Akiyoshi Mito Senshu University, School of Human Sciences Toward building confidence: exploring the possibility of the Japanese version of the Citizen Advisory Board
Kayano Takahiro Shizuoka University, Faculty of Education Class design and practice of a process model of consensus building through argument
Nonami Hiroshi Kwansei Gakuin University, School of Sociology Proposal of staged and cooperative approaches aiming at acceptance of geological disposal by various people: multifaceted verification based on the knowledge of social psychology
Komatsuzaki Shunsaku The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Engineering Consideration of risk communication measures according to project process and its factual impact analysis
Takashima Ryuta Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Administration The relationship between economic value and social acceptability of geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste
Matsuoka Shunji Waseda University, Comprehensive Research Organization, Resilience Research Institute Social acceptability and reversibility concerning geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste (HLW)
Toya Hiroshi Otemon Gakuin University, Institute of Basic Education Research on approaches to facilitate dialogue with the residents regarding geological disposal