Acceptance by Kamoenai village of proposal for Literature Survey

Today, Kamoenai village in Hokkaido prefecture announced acceptance of the proposal by the Japanese government for Literature Survey, which is the 1st stage of site investigation process.

Following the publication of the “Nationwide Map of Scientific Features relevant for Geological Disposal” by the Japanese government in July 2017, we have been carrying out communication activities across Japan to promote understanding of the geological disposal project and the geological environment in Japan. We would like to express our sincere respect and appreciation to Kamoenai village which made the decision to accept the proposal based on close discussion among the village council and the residents, which was originally initiated by the petition from the local stakeholders.

We will continue our activities of public relations, showing the progress of the Literature Survey and working on regional community development plan.

We will dedicate ourselves to communication activities throughout Japan as well as in Kamoenai village in order to enhance understanding of the geological disposal project, since this is the issue to be solved by whole society in Japan.

October 9, 2020
Dr. Kondo Shunsuke
President of NUMO