NUMO initiates an international review of NUMO Safety Case Report

In February 2021, NUMO released “the NUMO Pre-siting SDM-based Safety Case (NUMO SC)” which summarizes how NUMO, as the implementer of geological disposal project, proceed with site investigations, and perform the design, construction, operation and closure of safe geological disposal facilities, and secure long-term post-closure safety.

NUMO recently prepared an English version of NUMO SC and requested international peer review to OECD/NEA aiming at confirming the technical reliability of NUMO SC based on international experience and the state-of-the-art information of geological disposal projects.

It is essential for an implementer of geological disposal project to confirm the safety iteratively based on the latest information at each stage of the project and provide reliable evidence to the stakeholders. A document which logically compiles arguments on safety of geological disposal facility is internationally called a “Safety Case”. 

Safety Cases are prepared in many countries based on the local geological environment and are used as the technical basis for license applications for construction of geological disposal facilities. NUMO SC is prepared as generic safety case without specific local environments, which shows feasibility of geological disposal in Japan.

OECD/NEA is an international organization which is able to organize independent technical peer reviews of safety cases.

In November 2021, a peer review by OECD/NEA was initiated. The period of the review is till June 2022, and a review document will be released on the OECD/NEA’s web site.

The NUMO Pre-siting SDM-based Safety Case(English version)