June 8, 2023

The NUMO Pre-siting SDM-based Safety CasePDF was published in November 2021. In order to assess the maturity of our Safety Case by comparison with international best practice, we initiated an external peer review by the OECD/NEA. The resulting review report was published on the OECD/NEA website in January 2023. This review report includes valuable recommendations for appropriate site selection and further safety case development in later stages of our programme.

We have now produced this report, which analyses these recommendations and summarises how we could apply them to our future activities. This is openly published to provide information for anyone who is interested in our geological disposal project and wants to understand more about our efforts to improve its technical reliability.

NUMO responses to the OECD/NEA international review comments on the NUMO Safety Case” (PDF: 505KB)PDF