International Seminars

In response to the increased interest in radioactive waste management and site selection processes in other countries, NUMO has been holding international seminars inviting speakers from overseas implementing organizations, regulatory authorities and other relevant institutes to share international good practices and lessons learned from their experiences among the Japanese public. Past seminars are as follows:

April 12, 2018
> The Japan-Finland Joint Seminar on Energy Policy and Challenges of Nuclear Energy (especially geological disposal of HLW) was held
November 14, 2017
> International seminar on the radioactive waste management in Belgium was held
March 10, 2017
> International seminar on geological disposal program in Canada was held
December 16, 2016
> International seminar on geological disposal program in Germany was held
July 8, 2016
> International seminar on communication with the public in the process of site selection in Switzerland was held
June 2, 2016
> International Seminar on communication of the safety of geological disposal was held
March 28, 2016
> International Symposium "Think Together Now about Geological Disposal -Learning from Efforts Made around the World-" was held
November 12, 2015
> The Visit of ANDRA
June 10, 2015
> Seminar on the recent status of geological disposal programs in the U.S. and Canada was held